Monday, 16 July 2012

updated entries no 1

These entries have been now changed to written ones. 1249 still has its original video because for the full telguuth experience you need it read out by a stuttering scotsman

Friday, 13 July 2012

entries will be sparse for a few weeks

while back ago I decided to replace those awful video reviews with some written episodes. I am planning to do this now.

So for the next few weeks I will be replacing the video entires (I will keep the killing time one as I am proud of that one) and deleteing the videos forever!

this means that new entires will be one a week at best until the written ones are all done.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

1357: The Descent has begun (or been going on for weeks...)

Why do I keep doing this to myself? This is what three entries now where the main story I cover (and let’s make this clear if you haven’t realized by now…I usually cover only the cover story when talking about 2000ad) is utter irredeemably crap. Okay irredeemably is strong as far as this story and the Dredd one covered last entry goes they both at least have good art.

This story is from grace. It is the story of Kaith, leader of a tribe of winged people who share an uneasy existence with a much larger population that is wingless. It is set in a wasteland and the entire narrative is about Kaiths descent into being a complete bastard.

The problem for me is Kaith is too much of a bastard. There’s some genuinely shocking moments and the art is amazing. But you just never care for anyone in the story and it just makes it feel like a five part future shock.

Maybe it’s just me though as this story has been reprinted and it does have its fans though….

I really need to go back to the Meg and find a decent story to write about. This is seriously killing me…

Next: Judge Death rides again! Err yay?

Monday, 9 July 2012

1356: Last Rites

Grant Goggans fave prog!

I kid Grant, seriously though this is something I have been dredding to cover. Not quite Repo-mex bad but god…repo mex wasn’t written by John Wagner.

Let’s start with the awful cover. I gave Charlie Adlard stick recently during my ongoing look back at Nikolai Dante on the everything comes back to 2000ad blog. But he is a good artist. I like the walking dead and some of his other 2000ad work (barring some awful early Meg stuff) is wonderful. But look at that cover…

He does the inside art which is nice but John Wagners plot for this story hurts it. Dredd is trying to save his niece Vienna from some devil worshippers but is tricked when Vienna reveals she has been brainwashed to be one of them. Now as the cover shows Dredd is tied to a rock and is being prepared to be sacrificed.

Head baddie is possessed by a demon and I am not sure if it’s me but I really…don’t like supernatural stuff in the Dredd strip. It just feels off, I wonder if that’s why I don’t like Anderson…

Anyway head demon raises his knife ready to stab and God strikes him down!

I am not kidding god friggin fries him with lightning and Dredd quips that someone up there likes me! He takes down the rest of the cult and ends the story wangsting about Vienna…

I hate doing this blog sometimes…I hope next issue has something decent…

Next: falling from grace….shit