Friday, 27 April 2012

1335: Last man standing

Note: This episode shipped with an alternate cover. The cover at the top is the one I ended up with but for fairness I included the varient at the bottom. So enjoy both. And you may have noticed but since I have returned from my absense I have been using covers from the Barney database. To see them full on and gets loads of tooth info check this link!

Three stories, three endings. We’ll skip Atavar due to me not knowing what the fuck is going on and instead focus on the ending of Dredd: Incubus and The V.Cs. V.Cs ends with a cliffhanger as the team is caught in a blast with their fate unknown. I really enjoyed the twisty turn nature of this book in the series. For the first few episodes it was revealed that Smith survived the crash and the team died apart from friendly geek Keege. Meanwhile it was revealed that the team survived and smith was missing. It of course turned out that Smith was captured by the enemy and tortured to find out secrets. Dredd finally ends the crossover and surprisingly Judge Female Fodder survives. The alien menace is defeated by sending wave after wave of decommissioned Mechanismo judges (think robot judge) while Dredds children (yeah…) are birthed then incinerated by the judge who then quips. The end. Thank god for that. Next issue is a relaunch prog and features the long awaited trial of one of Judge dredds more nastier foes.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

205: Street Bash kid

Ah my boy Young Middenface is back and begins a run of stories which explores the origins of the strontium dog universe from the point of view of Scotland. Beyond the impossible as it may sound Scotland is worse in the future than it is at the moment.

Kreelmans kreelers is on the march targeting mutants everywhere. Middenface and bonny Charlie prince are on the run after their epic escape from prison in the previous story and they both join the mutant anti kreelman resistence.

Thrill power overload ends its run in the meg. Two follow up series focusing on Battle and the meg itself would follow yet while both interesting in their own right never did quite top the original series. TPO eventually became an updated and revised book which is still available. While many creators still refused to be interviewed and thus opinions are not exactly fully formed it is still well worth a read.

Friday, 13 April 2012

1333: Respect the badge, obey the law, read the comic creep!

Judge dredd pulls the rug out from under us as the true mastermind of the never ending Aliens crossover is revealed to be Mr Bones from Out of the Under city which appeared in prog 1313!

His entire scheme is bluh, bluh I am ugly all the nice looking people must die. Sic them my alien blooded pets! He uses pheromones to keep them off his ugly ass and he has Dredd and Female Fodder Judge all ready to be implanted with Aliens.

Of course things go bad for bones as Dredd smashes the pheromone and its chomping time on the asshole!

More on this story and my final thoughts in a few entries time!

Oh and in Bec and Kawl the villain is revealed to be a thinly veiled Bill Gates Expy and our heroes channel the power of Steve Jobs…

God I hate Bec and Kawl so much…

Monday, 9 April 2012

1332: Raising Hell

Something evil stalks the team at their brand new HQ! But man look at that cover It may be a parody of a movie poster but it could genuinely work as one.

So yeah caballistics inc move into their new head quarters and find out it is being haunted by the spirit of the great beast Alistair cro…Malcolm critchley. The malevolent ghost moves in on the team and unbeknownst to them the secretly possessed Jenny takes the ghost out much to the confusion of the rest of the team.

Gordon rennie as usual hits the script out of the park on this series handling an entire team of crazies and making sure to build their characters while keeping the ongoing plotline ticking along. Something he would do well when he does several major dredd storylines later on in the slog.

The artwork by Dom Reardon is minimalistic yet fits the strip magnificently.

Friday, 6 April 2012


Heh, heh, heh, ha!

Okay I admit I WAS going to talk about the cover star Atavars return this episode but then I remembered what else was in this issue...

heh hrh hah ha!

man…I do not need to write anything this episode…all I need to do is post two images… hate world of warcrap with all my venom but even I need to acknowledge greatness…

Oh wondering how that ended? Turns out the gold they are going to steal ends up being in the hands of a guy who boils thieves in liquid gold. They end up surrounded by gold and statues...

next time your usual slice of slog!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Meg 204: Be very afriad

Garth Ennis is back!

Way back when I first began writing these entries I spoke of Helter skelter. Or as I referred to it, Garths 2000ad Masturbation fantasy. Well he’s back again although I do wonder what they bribed him with this time?

Anyway we are in the past or more specifically round about the beginnings of Dredds time in 2000ad. Chief Judge Goodman is still alive and so is that evil psychotic shitbag Cal.

The story goes that Goodman is taken over by this bizarre creature that latches onto his back and makes him do terrible things including taking down Dredd. Continuity? ENNIS laughs at your feeble ideas of continuity.

Also bringing to mind the early days of this blog Juliet November has been having her own solo series and while it started off as “Oh I have this date, oh I hope my fire powers don’t cause hijinxs!” it got dark very quick and very fast. Their dinner date is hijacked by a family who proceeds to beat her date to death thinking he is a judge spy.

Horrified that her date did this to protect her she goes apeshit and burns first the family and then the entire audience after they turn on her believing her to be a mutant. Dredd has to arrest her and the story ends with her locked in a special psi cube and one of her hands burnt.

Bit of a downer to end this entry really…


Fear the atavar!!!

Monday, 2 April 2012

1329: The Geeks of Wrath

Note: An April first prank was planned yesterday when I praised Bec and Kawl for two paragraphs. Unfortunately it got lost when my laptop failed to save no April fool gag sorry...back to your regularly scheduled slog...

And there’s a small gathering of the panels on pages message boards…

Don’t kill me guys I kid!

No this is Bec and Kawl and this time they are ripping off something which dates the story even more. Yes its time for the matrix to be ripped a new one!

So see those stereotypes on the cover? Aside from Norm (who is a semi regular cast member) they only exist for one joke and then more or less disappear for the rest of the story…god I fucking hate bec and kawl. I know 2000ad is an anthology and the comedy strip is a staple of the comic but for fucks sake if you want to do comedy actually have fucking comedy in it!

God I need something else to read in this issue. It pisses me off so much…okay what to read…wait…


Who commissions this shit?

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