Thursday, 22 March 2012

1328: One Mean Mother

Arr me mateys

Hoist up the flag and set sail as the current seafaring saga in the ongoing Nikolai Dante narrative ends. Captured by Sagawa and her black dragons, Dante is forced to join his pirate mother’s crew or the two children he saved from the batshit insane Kraken will be killed!

I have to admit as much as I love Nikolai Dante reading this storyline back when it first came out was an utter drag. It was a pain watching Dante deal with an almost new cast after dealing so long with the prick Vladimir and Jena for so long. Luckily that changed slightly next time the series returned…

It is ironic looking back on this series even as it nears its bloody end in the current time of me typing this. In particular the fates of most of this cast in this story…

Bec and Kawl also return in this issue but…we’ll deal with that mess next time around.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


The vcs have returned and are in a shit load of trouble as Smith crawls from the wreck of the ship and appears to be the only survivor of the crash….more on this in a future entry…

Lets talk about a rather cool one off terror tale called the statue garden in which one mans curiosity as to how this new artist is creating her rather life like statues finds out to his horror and cost. He tells the story to another man who is poised to pull the same stunt and tries to warn him off the idea.

It is stunningly drawn by Dom reardon and while the ending can be seen (no pun intended) from miles away it is still a nice little story

Friday, 16 March 2012


Last issue the very silly sinister dexter story ended leaving space for the game changing double length finale of Slaine.

Last issue the demon moloch was granted his freedom in exchange for never bothering the celts again. He being an evil duplicitous bastard of course backstabbed them and returned to murder and rape slaines wife Niamh.

Now slaine abandons his dwarf ukko who has been the comedic relief to this point and goes after Moloch…and as the cover states VENGEANCE SHALL BE HIS!

He catches up to Moloch and the demon wants to run from the battle but slaine is having none of it he is almost suicidal in his determination in killing the bastard and they both plummet off a cliff apparently about to end up in fires below…

Yeah not a fan of Slaine but man I loved this story first time around and doubly enjoy it more rereading it for this slog.