Friday, 20 January 2012

1323: Moloch

Underneath a very creepy cover featuring chief asshole Molochs face the war against the fomorans heats in this progs episode of Slaine. Slaine faces off against balor a foe he has been in some way been fighting against since slaine the king and kills him. Yes actually kills one of his oldest foes and if that wasn’t shocking enough…ah but we will wait a few entries time before revealing that…

Meanwhile in today episode of doctor wh…err I mean caballistics inc. Brigadier Lethbridge stewart sends the slowly forming team into the London underground system to fight ye…demons.

Meanwhile Ravne begins to look even shiftier (no mean feat as we first saw him in a bath of blood) and Jenny is looking more useless by the page.

Yeah all the references in this series are damn blatant but my god do I love it for that. Cabs is one of my fave stories of this period and still holds a place in my heart

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Meg 202: the serpent sword demands blood

This is the story of a madman.
A hard, cruel son of satan
who led us into the very pit
of hell -and laughed
About it. Then he began
To turn us into animals-
The most savage fighting
Force the japs had
Ever known…

This is the story of Darkies Mob and pretty much the entire premise of this wonderfully grim story is in that opening paragraph. A man named joe Darkie takes over a platoon of soldiers and leads them into enemy territory and we spend a long time getting used to the group and then they all start to die one by one. Brutal stuff but pretty good!

Meanwhile on the cover Pat Mills brings to life Finn with Indians (finndians?) …okay it is actually called Black siddah but replace all the hippy crap with mysticism and I can assure you you can barely tell the difference.

Its mad…I don’t know what else to say about the strip other than that…but it is truly insane!

Next slog…err pat mills brings the insane again…with slaine this time

Monday, 16 January 2012

1322: The enemy within

It’s the most pointless crossover ever and that’s saying something! Yes its judge dredd vs. those acid blooded bastards from those films that people other than me seem to like. Yep its judge dredd vs. aliens. Yep Dredd had already faced those dredd (heh) locked bastard in Dredd vs. predator…it was inevitable that shit like this would happen.

Jointly written by John Wagner and Andy diggle and drawn by the wonderful Henry flint. It has Dredd, new judge Sanchez and a whole gaggle of cannon fod…pest control operatives as they face off against a swarm of aliens.

The next phase of Dantes saga begins proper after the prologue set in the past last prog. After his betrayal by his ongoing rival the countess he is adrift at sea. He comes across a ship under attack by the feared pirate the kraken and pretty much does what he does best.

I love Nikolai Dante but even I felt this saga…dragged a bit during its original publication but it works in trades…it really does.

Next time pat mills unleashes the black siddah on us all!