Friday, 29 April 2011

1226: Zombie hell!

So necronauts one of the greatest…Nah kidding it is a good cover though isn’t it? Do not worry Sloggers I will be covering Necronauts during its final episode.

Today let’s talk about Calvin and Hobbs…sorry Kelvin and Hobbit. Yes, Judge Dredd does one of its regular parodies of existing characters and of course, this time it’s a young boy and his imaginary friend. A gang plans a heist and one of those perps has to baby-sit his young son at the same time. The young boy Kelvin pretends he is a tiger and bites the leg of one of the perps. His father throws him into his room where his imaginary tiger friend Hobbit visits him…

Holy crap the tigers killed all the perps. Dredd is called in and has to fight the suddenly very real tiger. He hi-exes the tiger and it turns into a toy tiger. Turns out Kelvin has latent psychic powers, which created the imaginary creature for both someone to look after him and someone to wreak his murderous revenge.

As Kelvin is scheduled for a lobotomy his cell is torn apart and Hobbit frees his young friend to have new adventures or (more likely) go on an unpublished killing spree.

A nice fun and slightly horrifying take on a classic comic.

Next Slog: Sinister Dexter vs. the porn industry

Note: Yes this was originally supposed to be an april fool slog entry when I thought I was continuing in March...

Monday, 25 April 2011

Prog 1224: FIRE FIGHT

Harry Exton was a button man. A player in a lethal killing game sick and tired of being manipulated by the backers of this game known as voices Exton quit and decided to have a quiet life away from the killing. The voices are still pissed though and now Harry is on the run as other button men hunt him across America.

Button man one of the best 2000ad serials returns for a third series after six years gone from the prog. This was my personal favourite of the Button man trilogy. Arthur Ransons art looks slightly ropier than it usually is but the story more than makes up for it.

In addition, here is an image from the latest sin/dex story in which the boys try to protect a horribly disfigured man from a group of torturers…

Next Prog slog: Mars is amazing…Mars is amazing!!!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

prog 1223: Blue Murder

From the pages of Mercy heights comes Tor Cyan. Originally, an ambulance driver on Mercy heights He bore a strange resemblance to Rogue trooper and ended up with a much larger role in the sequel. Tor got a one off story in prog 2000 which had him visit the original planet of Rogues adventures Nu earth and now he gets a spin off as he crashes on a planet at war!

And it’s boring oh so very boring…

Admittedly, I was never a fan of Rogue trooper but even that had its charm. This is just dull really dull. I hope my memory is just lazy and it gets better as it goes on but for now…

Meanwhile in Dredd Ian Gibson draws a typically fun episode where an (as usual due to Gibson’s art) Hot woman asks Dredd to help her boyfriend Joe who is planning to commit euthanasia. She is in such a rush to save him she breaks speed laws and is fined and given a warning from Dredd.

When she spots her boyfriend, she speeds again. Dredd catches up to them and gives a damn awesome speech in order to change Joes mind. He then promptly arrests the girlfriend for speeding the second time.

Dredd is tough but fair he helps one person but never forgets the law. The girlfriend may be well intentioned but crimes a crime…

Next Prog slog: the call comes out to Ex Harry Ex!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Prog slog: Prog 2001 part 3

Welcome back to the prog slog and at last let’s cover the final three one off stories inside the issue

First off Sinister Dexter return in possibly one of their more memorable adventures and they barely say a single word in it. In bullet time a single battle between the two hit men and a bunch of Tobies* is chronicled by captions which explain where each bullet goes during the battle.

It is truly an unusual angle in which to explore a story but it works and it is truly one of the best Sin/Dex tales of the time and still stands up there in my personal top ten today.

* Gun shark lingo: To be whacked

The nerve centre, which we all know, was a spaceship in the middle of London hidden in plain site as kings reach tower was finally abandoned by the mighty one when the Rebellion mob moved in. What would happen when our fave alien editor and his inept crew of droids have to move the thrill vaults containing all the greatest thrills in the galaxy*

Chaos utter chaos is the answer as the very foolish droids loaded in the artwork for prog 2001 and causes a thrill power overload!

London bridge tube station warps into the terror tubes of termight!

The dinosaur statues in crystal palace turn into the dinosaurs from FLESH!

Judge death is on the loose in the millennium dome!

Only one Alien can sort the chaos loosed upon our world…

Yeah as you can tell by now this is fluff, which is a nice reminder of the old days when Tharg fought the thrill suckers, the dictators of Zrag and the purple nurples in six page space filler. Not that I am complaining fluff it may be but fun fluff.

*Plus the Space girls

And speaking of throwbacks….

Strontium Dog the sad case features an untold tale of Johnny Alpha and his hetero life mate Wulf Sternhammer team up with Kid Knee (mutant power: He bites low) against slippery “Dok” Dikkory in a truly old skool Strontium dog story almost predicting the old school revival Andy Diggle will instigate in his proper run as editor.

And of course it has the glorious moment when Kid Knee uses a blow up doll as a distraction as in his words “While they’re popping at the dummy I’m blowin’ em away!”


And that’s Prog 2001 now we’re moving into a period of time where there are huge gaping holes in my collection…but as chronicler of all the 2000ads I have during this time bare with it!

Next prog slog: A good man goes to war…

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Weird ads prog 2001

Nothing makes me want to buy a game more than an opened up dead body...



New slog entry finishing 2001 Friday!