Wednesday, 16 June 2010

1211: Shell shock! 20/9/00

The psychopathic boy genius has returned to 2000ad and boy has he grown up!

As you are all aware events in Dredds world run simultaneously with ours. When it is a new year here it’s a new year in Dredds world. When we last saw Pj maybe in 1993 he had just turned sixteen as Dredd caught him and threw him back into a cube. Flash-forward to now and he is in his mid twenties and using the chaos left over from the second robot war has escaped yet again. By the time the Judges worked out that he was gone he was on the first plane to banana city.

This had the feel of being Pjs last hurrah having finally escaped the judges with a new identity and a pacemaker (He cut his own heart out to fool the judges into thinking he was dead.

Luckily this was not the last we saw of Pj….He would be back….

This prog closes up all the current stories and clears the slate for a new line up but more on that next slog….

Next prog slog: Theres nothing like a relaunch prog....but theres a generation killer on the loose

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

1209 Thrill power overload 6/9/00

Very short entry today as I am still ill but I promised to be back on track and I never break my promises ever…..

Frazer Irving contributes this progs stunning cover which kind of gives away the ending to the Future shock it is from. Now in the past (and in the future you have been warned gang) I have always moaned about covers that give away the plot of a story. But there is something so awesome about this cover that I genuinely cannot moan about this one. Okay I tell a lie that is a terrible pun in the circle at the bottom….

Inside Ramone Dexter is busy talking to a shrink to unload all his problems. The discussion then takes a turn and turns into the origin of how sinister and Dexter first became gun sharks. Finnegan was a street punk who met Dexter in an earlier flashback story where Dexter saved his brothers life. To repay him he said that if Dexter ever needed a gun shark come to him. In this story Dexter takes him up on that when his father is killed by a gang boss. He is of course horrified to learn that Sinister is not a gun shark at all and he even barely remembers making that promise….

This is one of those rare Sinister/Dexter stories that genuinely goes into the minds of the two characters instead of relying on bang, bang, shooty plots….sure there is still some of that but the much needed background on the two characters is a rare treat….

One final note during my flu influenced last slog entry I accidently said that Steve Moore was responsible for road kill. As pointed out in the comments It was of course Dan Abnett who wrote this story. That was the first ever correction on this slog. Let’s hope it’s the last….

Next prog slog: That Maybe boy is back and he is causing problems for Judge Dredd...

Monday, 14 June 2010

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The first ever Dead'll do competition!

Yesh folks I've got some doubler 2000ad gns to give away and I thought it would be cool to give them to actual fans...

but I didn't want to make it too easy....

so here is the first ever dead'll do (I have too many doubler gns!) competition.

To enter all you need to do is either in the comments section of this post or on the link at the end of this post Tell me in 100 words or more your favourite moment of 2000ad or the meg from the period of time covered in this slog!

you have until AUGUST 1ST to enter this competition

good luck there are some fantastic gns that I am giving away!,28763.0.html

1208: kiss my butt! 30/8/00

Sorry for the disappearance. Been feeling ill the past few days and needed a serious rest. But I'm back now and got some major news in the next post above this. So enjoy this slice of nostalgia and then look above for the first ever Dead'll do competition...

So yeah mean machine is back in the house and he is not alone...

Turned out quite nice again features several short stories set in the quite nice bar which tie up together...what are these stories?

So while escaping from Dredd, Mean runs into Walter and Mrs. Gunderson who are in the bar at the same time as one of Mrs G’s judge deaths goes crazy. The bomb goes off flooding the bar and killing both urban terror and randy (the judge death impersonator) die from the flooding.

If this sounds chaotic it truly is….

Elsewhere Steve moores return to 2000ad continues with a future shock (unmemorable apart from the first 2000ad work of boo cook) and a future shock expanded to several parts called road kill.

Road kill is about a man called Guy Newman whose new fully automated car tries to kill him….

If this was a single future shock I think I may have enjoyed it but as a multi part story this truly smells of filler and not very good filler either.

Yeah short entry today, sorry about that I’m still recovering from rain induced flu and my head is feeling a wee bit light as I type this.

Don’t forget the competition folks it’s a good one!

Next prog slog: Frazer Irving returns with a future shocked cover!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

1205: Squids in 9/8/00

You would think a story which involves a double dealing backstabbing crime lord and his attempts to rule all crime in a futuristic city would be interesting wouldn't you?

Unfortunately it really isn't and it sadly is another lemon in Steve Moore’s 2000ad comeback (believe me there’s a fair number of them coming up....)

It is truly sad in Red fangs case. Some of the characters are genuinely interesting and could have worked in stories of their own but they are truly wasted in this story...

As Grant Goggans points out though there is a truly nice table in the story...

The fact that I am talking about another bloggers thoughts on a piece of furniture kind of shows you how much I felt about this story...

Elsewhere inside the prog Steve Moore writes a genuinely cool future shock which involves Jesus crashing onto an alien planet and attempting to get the aliens (which look like the monkeys from 2001....) to be more civilised. There is more to it than that but it’s just too funny to spoil....

The big news on this future shock is a genuine comic superstar artist made his first appearance in the prog with this story and that superstar is the fantastic Frazer Irving...

Just check out his art...

It was clear Dig-L knew he had found talent as he commissioned Frazer to do a second future shock (and a cover for the story, A rarity in the past few years) but more on that next slog.

Next prog slog: Insanity in the quite nice bar and another Steve Moore car crash (literally)